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Most of us enjoy anime and manga of various genres, most notably, shounen, yaoi, shounei ai, june... Some of us also enjoy fanfiction and admiring beautiful artwork. Our interests and inspirations can be found in our websites.

Acquired Rapture
This is the site for Razkil and his friends who share Seph's home. Dislike dolls? Try getting to know Razkil. He changed all our minds. ^_^ Not to mention, at this point in time I am unable to imagine life without my Razkil and all of them who create so much havoc and heartbreak, and yet always bring me so much warmth and happiness.

Inspired by Naga...
Fansite to Kiyota Nobunaga of Inoue Takehiko's Slam Dunk series. Because the wild monkey deserves his limelight...and in recognition of his presence in our lives, which has never waned throughout the many years. Personally, I want to thank my Naga. For always being there with Rukawa, and for having brought me so much joy and who still do. ^_^

And because we believe in sharing the love...

By the Oak Tree
Jem's site for her SD13 boy Viktor, the 'Prince of Gloom'. You have got to visit him. It's hard not to love him. *laughs*

Rage's site for his various fanfiction and fanart. Slam Dunk, Harry Potter... Done in a recognisably distinct style. We love Raaage~! *grin*
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