This is the weblog for SephXIII of SephDraven Creations. It also serves as a collective for the sites we own and host.

Detailed updates can be found in the sites themselves. Information about the sites and the team members can also be found on the left.

Our layout features Soulmyre Deathscythe, as drawn by Krum. Layout was written by Lisa Dragon.


Because we don't like being alone...

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Seph can be contacted using this email address:

seph @ sephdraven . com

The others can be contacted using any email address as long as it's got the domain name behind the @. ^_^

Contact can be established most easily through the Acquired Rapture Diary as it's updated often.

Maybe we'll create a BBS for this site, but as it currently stands, there's a high doubt we really need it.
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