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June 2005

A new beginning...

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Up again after what is probably more than a year of inactivity... No longer will the top page of our domain tell you month and month again that we're still 'moving in'. *grin*

While this log will probably never be updated often, at least we have one or two sites worth mentioning, if nothing else.

Acquired Rapture : the site for the guys who share Seph's life. (Well, most of them anyway.) Updated almost weekly.

Inspired by Naga : the fansite for Kiyota Nobunaga of Slam Dunk by Inoue Takehiko. Not updated in like forever. But we're holding onto it because...I personally don't think I'll ever be able to let go of my Naga. Hell, I forgot I never put the site back up after I'd moved hosts. *falls over* Well, it's back up again, though the last time it was updated was in Oct 2002. *_*

We host:

By the Oak Tree : Jem's site for her SD Viktor

: Rage's fanart and fanfiction.

I _will_ be updating this blog with small little things like what I've been reading this year so far. I might even be putting up my thoughts on the books I've read, games I've played... Probably.

If I do, they'll be added to the small list on the left. As it is, this front page for the domain doesn't have much of a purpose. *grin*

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